Welcome to The Divas' Republic of FABU-LACHIA! (C)

 You may be wondering . . . just what exactly is a Down Home Diva?  Well, listen here, honey. 

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Fabulous and Appalachian?  You're in the right place!  The Divas define: 

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Welcome to the circle!  Sing with us, now. 

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Mountain sisters Sam Gleaves and

Ethan Hamblin testify like only they can. 

In their weekly column for the Berea College Pinnacle, Sam Gleaves and Ethan Hamblin take up their place in a long line of mountain women who will not be put down or made quiet. The only difference is, they're country and queer and don't mind saying it. They write about heritage, home, humor and the gay experience.  The Divas' mission is to raise corn, raise hell and raise awareness - there's a Diva in every holler on the globe and they're guaranteed to find each other - you just might be one yourself.  With every Dispatch, the Divas invite you to pull on your mumu, pull up a rocking chair, grab some Kleenex and don't forget to bring your covered dish.  It's time for the altar call in the New Hope Missionary Church of Fabu-lachia.

People are talking about the Divas . . .


"A touch of Twain's satire, Dolly's lyrics,

 and Dickens' characters."

-Gail Wolford, Berea College Vice President of Labor and Student Life


"Gay gold."

-Tiffany Camp, Berea College student.


"A hot mess, but I love it." 

-Winnie Arthur, editor of the Berea College Pinnacle. 


"All the bad stuff is nothing

when you have Ethan and Sam."

-Alice Hale Adams, writer, guardian angel.


"I worship you bitches."

-Anonymous Fabu-lachian fan


Listen to the sisters sing in honor of the late Down Home Diva Hazel Dickens.   


All content (C) Sam Gleaves and Ethan Hamblin 2012. 

Unauthorized use prohibited by law, will result in banishment from Fabu-lachia.